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Management services

DCIP understands all of the challenges associated with keeping your business relevant in a changing global environment. Let us help your business compete with our world-class support.

Asset management

DCIP’s proprietary Asset Management System (AMS) helps you track all of your physical assets through their entire lifecycle, including electronic connectivity where applicable, managing warranties and integrating with third party asset and data management systems. Our AMS also provides you with a centralized solution to track the physical attributes of your remote locations and can be customized to suit your needs.

Accounting & financial

DCIP provides full service general ledger and financial reporting services including initial setup and hosting the general ledger and dependent systems in a managed environment. We can also assist you with the setup and configuration of balance sheets and income, cashflow and profit and loss statements that will present your company’s financial position as of a specified date with comparable data from prior periods and comparisons to budgets and forecasts as needed.

Billing & invoicing

DCIP provides flexibility in managing your customer accounts. Our systems can manage complex business to business transactions and our team of experienced invoice administrators and accounts payable personnel will ensure that transactions are processed timely and all amounts due are collected.  We provide full integration between invoicing and general ledger and reporting systems.

Customized software

We have developed complex customized software for our own needs and for third parties.  From simple automation of repetitive tasks to elaborate remote command and communications modules, let us help you solve your workflow and enterprise operation issues with custom solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

Consulting & reporting

Our management team has extensive experience in complex financial transactions that bring together multiple constituents to common goals.  Let us put that experience to work for you. Whether you are looking to finance or refinance your business or simply up your game in terms of informational presentations or compliance reporting, we are in a unique position to advise you.

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Cinergy is a cloud based Software-as-a-Service suite of modules that provide centralized monitoring, management, and control of your theaters. Track all your assets in one place, monitor your digital equipment and proactively receive notifications of a problem, track your content to ensure everything is ready for playout, automatically deliver keys to each device with return receipts, collect and manage your device logs, schedule trailers centrally, and report off everything, all integrated into one platform.

Asset tracking

With Cinergy you can track all your digital and non-digital equipment in one place. Asset tracking isn’t limited to just equipment, also track information about all your theaters and auditoriums. All the information is fully integrated with powerful reporting tools including a fully automated Trusted Device List system where you control what distributors have access to information you choose to share.

Content monitoring

Cinergy tracks all your digital content and integrates that information for powerful reporting and alerting capabilities. Centrally view your show schedules, show playlists, composition playlists, and KDM information.

Health monitoring

Cinergy connects to your digital equipment to track the health of your systems. Integrated with all major manufacturers, Cinergy provides in-depth monitoring capabilities to ensure problems are detected before they result in critical failures. Coupled with a highly configurable alerting system, the monitoring is customizable to your individual needs.

Key delivery

Cinergy provides an exhibitor managed solution to receive keys from distributors and distribute the keys directly to your screens with full tracking and delivery auditing the entire way. Multiple simultaneous delivery methods are provided to fit with how you operate your theaters. The key delivery system is fully integrated with the health monitoring system to provide you advanced warnings when you need new keys.

Log management

Cinergy collects and archives your digital log data into its secure repository. Collect security logs, performance logs, and maintenance logs. As each log is collected, relevant data is extracted and made available to you for your reporting needs. To minimize any bandwidth concerns logs are compressed before delivery and you can schedule when logs are collected to minimize any impact on your network.

Trailer Placement

Schedule and distribute Trailer Playlists to theaters centrally. Simplify the scheduling procedure and ensure trailer playlists are built without user error. The Trailer Placement system is fully integrated with the Cinergy platform to provide proactive alerts and detailed reporting.

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VPF services

With years of experience helping theaters transition into the digital era, DCIP understands all of the processes and costs associated with replacing traditional outdated technology with the latest digital equipment.


With years of experience helping theaters transition into the digital era, DCIP understands all of the processes and costs associated with replacing traditional outdated technology with the latest digital equipment.


Once the correct equipment is purchased, DCIP manages the installation process all the way to the first public presentation. DCIP coordinates all logistical tracking with the vendors and freight companies, manages the installation teams, validates that installations are occurring according to specifications, and handles any equipment issues throughout the entire process.

Asset management

Post installation, DCIP provides an online Asset Management System (AMS) to track all of your digital assets through their entire lifecycle, providing up to date information on your digital equipment, managing extended warranties, and integrating with third parties for assistance with key generation. Our AMS also provides you with a centralized solution to track all key information related to your non-digital equipment as well as the physical attributes of your theaters and auditoriums (seating, screen size, 3D capability, etc.).

VPF billing

DCIP provides unparalleled flexibility in managing VPF contracts. DCIP’s systems can manage the most complex of VPF rules to ensure proper billing and by leveraging multiple sources of VPF data, DCIP ensures the maximum number of VPFs are always invoiced and collected. Our team of experienced VPF administrators works with hundreds of content distributors and manages thousands of VPF-generating screens. Not only do we ensure the maximum number of VPFs are invoiced at the contracted rates, but we work diligently to ensure VPFs are collected in a timely manner.


Ensuring transparency in our operations is important to our distributor partners. We provide full insight into the VPF administration processes, including advanced reporting capabilities through all stages of operation. We also monitor all contracts to ensure compliance and provide proactive notification in the event an issue is found.

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